David Davies speaks with NextGen Planners

By Navos/14 February 2024
David Davies speaks with NextGen Planners

Our Founder and CEO, David Davies, recently spoke to Adam Carolan about digital transformation and how it is sweeping through the Financial Services sector. Discussing the increasing role of technology, which is improving efficiency and client interaction, we are finding that Wealth Managers, Financial Advisers and Discretionary Managers are really looking to understand how an investment in their client facing and internal software can benefit their businesses.

On a weekly basis, we are approached by a number of firms, some of which are putting their first toe in the tech water, wanting to join the large number of firms who are adding value by developing their own software or improving connectivity via established 3rd party providers.

You can listen to David and Adam’s conversation here; Navigating the Digital Wave with David Davies - NextGen Planners | Podcast on Spotify

Thank you to Adam and NextGen Planners for inviting us to take part.

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