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Your data centre is core to your business and IT strategy. With regulations and policies around data getting stricter by the day, efficient data storage and management are critical to any business dealing with data.

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Infrastructure & Cloud

Whether you are considering what approach is right for your business, be that an on premise data centre or a move to hybrid / full cloud, we can help you find the right solution.

Believe it or not, a move to cloud may not be the right decision for everyone which means it's important to map out the pro's and con's. The same applies to those businesses, holding their data on premise. A wholesale move to cloud may not be ideal or even possible.

Having built data centres for some of the largest Financial Services businesses in the UK, sourcing the equipment and implementing it, our team is well placed to help you. From providing the hardware to house your data to the space you might need for back up recovery, we have worked with CTO's and CIO's from across the sector, providing them with the right tools that will enable them to sleep at night and fulfil their regulatory responsibilities.

Data Analytics & Migration

Data is an integral part of your IT strategy, efficient data storage and management are critical to any business. When managed in the right way, data can increase productivity, enable better decision making and reduce security risks.

Data is everywhere in an organisation; reports, dashboards, spreadsheets and systems and to get the most from this data, you need to make sure that you are working from a single point of truth. Accuracy is also key as inconsistencies could lead to breaching regulations or making a costly mistake.

Working with our clients to identify data sources, we will establish where your data is stored and how it is used. We can then suggest improvements to this structure, ensuring that the required output is achieved as well as adhering to industry regulations.

Cyber Security

A proactive assessment of your existing Cyber Security measures is key to ensuring your business and employees are safe from cyber threats. Ransomware, data theft or Denial of Service attacks are resulting in loss of reputation and therefore revenue for businesses across the sector.

By undertaking a review of what you currently have in place, our team will help you to ensure that you are protected from threats. We are able to install and maintain anti-malware solutions, undertake internal and external assessments including penetration tests, implement security incident response procedures, Denial of Service protection services and VPN solutions, amongst many more.

The regulator expects firms to take a proactive, evidencable approach and having years of experience in such a specialist area, we are well positioned to provide help and support where needed.

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Key Technology Partners

Navos partners with leading technology vendors to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that empower your business. Our partners excel in providing secure, scalable data storage solutions integrated seamlessly with major cloud platforms, ensuring your data is both accessible and protected.

We also collaborate with experts in data management, offering services that include resilience, governance, and compliance, to streamline your operations. Our CloudOps solutions, powered by AI, optimse your infrastructure across on-premise and cloud environments.

Our commitment to innovation is showcased through our partnerships with pioneers in all-flash storage and modern data experiences, enabling us to transform your data into actionable insights.

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