Business resilience

The Navos team have extensive knowledge of not only designing Business Continuity Plans but also putting them into action.

With business moving at pace it can sometimes mean that effective critical event planning is overlooked. This can have a significant impact on your business.

Common sense approach to planning

At Navos we have experienced both ends of the scale. From having no plans in place to incredibly bureaucratic processes that become more about the paperwork and less about the people. We can safely say we've seen it all with 30+ years experience helping businesses to introduce, evolve and test their plans. As such, we can utilise this experience to create a personalised business continuity approach that matches your business culture.

Experience that's hard to beat

We have all experienced the impact of a Pandemic, something that the team at Navos spent at least 10 years planning for when working at Hargreaves Lansdown and we are incredibly proud of the fact that this contributed significantly towards their ability to respond to the event, relocating their teams and maintaining business as usual.

Businesses have since called on us to help them bolster their plans or in some cases initiate them so that they are covered should such an event happen again in future.

It's not just about having a data back-up

Often seen as a technology issue, Business Continuity or BCM, can be overlooked because businesses believe their data back-ups will help them.

Worryingly, so many suppliers refer to BCM as back-up or hosted sites when in effect that is just one element of Disaster Recovery (another area where Navos has significant experience). In reality BCM is far more than simply backing up your data. Of course it's a great step to recovery but that's only if you have an outage that requires you to use this data.

Are you prepared for the following?

  • Cyber Threat or Attack
  • Disruptive Market Event
  • Regulatory change in your sector
  • IT Change that didn't perform as expected
  • Supplier changing / going out of business
  • Environmental issue
  • Key person reliance
  • Pandemic

For a common sense, friendly approach to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, that cuts through all the jargon, Navos has got you covered. We can help with cross-functional team engagement using real life experience from challenging questions to actual events, helping you ensure that BCM gets the focus it deserves and that you have the necessary processes in place to protect your business during critical events.

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