Mind the Gap

By Navos/4 March 2024
Mind the Gap

Navos Technologies has joined forces with Rebcat Technology and Moneyhub to provide a range of services to organisations that will help bridge the advice gap.

Rebcat founder and chief executive Anthony Morrow said: "By working with Navos and Moneyhub, we are not only partnering with two of the most respected and admired organisations operating in and around the sector but also ensuring the solutions we develop are at the very cutting edge of what the market has to offer. We are already seeing considerable appetite from forward-thinking organisations eager to develop further and demonstrate the value they offer clients."

Moneyhub chief executive Sam Seaton added: "The upcoming changes to the Data Bill and the FCA’s proposals to relax the advice-guidance boundary highlight the significant role of digital advice businesses in the future. We have seen first-hand how advanced and robust Rebcat technology is and are delighted with this partnership and the opportunities it brings to unlock financial wellness for more people."

We are really excited by this collaboration and the opportunities it will present to the sector.

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