Backup and Recovery

By Claire Tucker/17 January 2022
Backup and Recovery

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and some of the largest well-known brands are falling victim. Now more staff are working from home than ever before, it means that companies may be putting themselves at risk of a ransomware attack. With staff working from their own Wi-Fi and not the company network, it leaves businesses vulnerable to ransomware attacks through phishing emails, staff visiting malicious websites or downloading a virus by accident. You need to ensure that your company data is backed up and easy to recover in the horrendous event that someone attempts to steal your data and hold it to ransom.

This is where a backup and recovery solution becomes key to your IT strategy.

Backup infrastructure and strategy is a colossal challenge for IT teams in today’s complex, hybrid cloud and legacy onsite environments. Existing legacy systems are a burden to manage, expensive to maintain, and do not provide teams with the confidence needed to respond quickly and assure IT continuity. As the cloud reveals limitations of legacy solutions, backup and recovery are rapidly evolving to modernise, automate and simplify data management and operations, to accommodate organisations as they transfer their digital assets to the cloud and edge infrastructure. Such evolutions are pushing IT managers to question the efficiencies of their systems and “how to streamline backup and recovery?”.

To help IT managers decide their best route to trusted backup and recovery solutions, we interviewed Duncan ter Veen-Hockney, Chief Technology Officer at Navos, to explore his experiences in this space.

Firstly, a bit about Duncan… Duncan is a technology leader who harnesses his 20 years of varied IT experience to provide clients with inspired service. He thinks outside of the box, on the forefront of technology, to provide solutions that exceed his clients' expectations. He has a vast knowledge of both on-premises and cloud infrastructure and likes to work with clients to maximise investments made in the existing technology portfolio.

Duncan has led several technology transformation projects for a highly regulated FTSE100 financial services company. In particular, the improvement of backup infrastructure and strategy as Duncan had inherited an existing backup solution that was clearly unfit for modern technology challenges.

We asked Duncan how he overcame this challenge:

“The first step involved research into various major backup providers and how their offering supported our goal of backing up our data and recovering it quickly in the event of a ransomware attack. During this time, it became clear that Rubrik was the outstanding solution.

With their automated data management, cloud mobility and cyber resiliency, the decision was made easy. Cost is also always a factor in these strategic decisions and Rubrik was priced competitively. Their license model also meant that it was easy to predict our costs for the future.”

How did Rubrik support you throughout the process?

“The support and ongoing relationship with the company was so much more than we expected. Lots of companies will tell you "We are partners", but Rubrik means it. From the minute you engage with them you get a certified sales engineer and a dedicated account manager. They answered all our questions and supported us through a proof-of-concept phase where they shipped a Rubrik appliance to the site, so we can see it backing up and restoring our systems. The engineering team worked with each of the departments that would be using Rubrik to ensure backups and restores were successful. Throughout the process, the sales engineer was on-site answering questions and training the teams on the system where needed.”

Would you recommend Rubrik?

“Rubrik goes beyond backup to deliver simplified data protection, instant recovery, and cloud acceleration so that customers can experience management time savings, data centre footprint reduction, and overall savings. From customer to partner, I would certainly recommend them.”

Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Management™ platform continues to be recognised as one of the Leaders in helping customers safeguard their business-critical data and help them instantly recover from ransomware. If your company needs change get in touch at for a no-obligation conversation to discuss how Rubrik can help protect your business from a ransomware attack.

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