Food bank donations

Here at Navos we are huge advocates of helping our local community. We try to collectively do something to help out each month. One of the things we do is get a collection of food together and donate to our local foodbanks in Bristol. Some of our team are fortunate enough to have helped out at their local foodbanks which really aided their appreciation of how others in their local communities might be in need of support.

The foodbank network was founded in 2004, now in 2023 there are around 250 foodbanks across the UK helping a range of people. In 2022/23 the Trussell Trust provided 2,986,203 three-day emergency food supplies, 1,139,553 of these being children. Currently in Bristol there are six different locations.

These foodbanks work off of donations. Firstly food is donated. Then the food is sorted and stored by volunteers (over 40,000 across the UK). Next professionals identify which people are in need of these donations and finally these people receive the food. This system takes much time, organisation and care to be beneficial and the Trussell Trust foodbanks do it wonderfully.

Find out more at the Trussell Trust