Data is an integral part of your IT strategy. With the regulations and policies around data getting stricter by the day, efficient data storage and management are critical to any business dealing with data.

When managed effectively data can increase productivity, enable better decision making and reduce security risk.

Data services

Data is everywhere in an organization, and we work in a data-centric world where people are bombarded with data via reports, dashboards, Excel, and systems.

To get the most from your data you need to make sure that you are working from a single point of truth and that the data you are working with is correct. If the data being input is incomplete then your output for reporting is going to be inconsistent, incorrect, and potentially not compliant with regulations.

  • Data Quality Management
  • Data Governance Framework
  • Business Processes
  • Data Management Assessment
  • Data Lineage
  • Technology & Tooling
  • PII and GDPR
  • Microsoft Power BI Visualisation and reporting
  • Solutions around Market Data capture

Data architecture

The goal of any data architecture is to show how the company's data is acquired, transported, stored, queried, and secured.

Navos can review your data architecture and help identify the end to end data process. Through detailed mapping we will identify where all your data is stored and how it is used. We can then suggest improvements to this structure to make sure you are getting the desired output from your data, as well as adhering to industry regulations.

We will review everything in your data architecture including:

  • Data Architecture design
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Master Data, Systems of Record and Reference Data
  • Metadata Information
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Raw Layer and Integration / Change
  • Contextual
  • Conceptual data models
  • Logical data models
  • Physical data models

Our approach

Scope and stakeholder identification
Document view
Data management framework
Stakeholder interviews

Data management assessment

  • Data requirements
  • Data mapping
  • Data architecture
  • Data governance and ownership
  • Issues and fixes
Identification of Data Pain Points and Recommendations
Data implementation plan

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