Cyber security

Whether you need an emergency response or a proactive assessment, we can bring a wealth of experience that can keep your business and employees safe from cyber threats.

Cyber Security is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. The need for dependable Cyber Security is driven by a number of factors;

Ransomware and data theft

Cyber criminals typically infiltrate an organisation and remain hidden for months to accumulate and steal data. However, we're seeing an increase in the usage of ransomware. Payment of the ransom to decrypt the seized data only makes organisations bigger targets in cyber criminal groups.

Loss of reputation and revenue

Clients and customers of businesses that are breached by cyber criminals are likely to be unsympathetic. Negative sentiment, loss of reputation and loss of revenue are often the consequences for businesses that fail to keep the sensitive data of their clients and customers safe.

Denial of service

Ransom-based Distributed Denial of Service (RDDoS) campaigns are a tactic being increasingly employed by cyber criminals to extort money from businesses. Attackers will flood a business's public servers with internet traffic to overload them and demand money to cease the attack.

How navos can bring you cyber security

Trusted partnerships

FireEye, Heimdall Security and Cynet partner, we are in a unique position to offer our clients the very best cyber security solutions, regardless of their organisation's scale.

Endpoint and server security solutions

We are able to install and maintain anti-malware solutions on your organisation's endpoint computers and laptops. To ensure all parts of your architecture is kept secure, we also cover physical and virtual server environments.

Pen testing

Our team of Cyber Analysts are able to carry out Internal and External Infrastructure Assessments and then report any vulnerabilities back to you with recommended remediation actions. Our Development Team can assist with addressing any application vulnerabilities.

Spam phishing protection solutions

Unsolicited mail can be a nuisance in the form of spam distracting your colleagues from getting things done. Phishing and whaling campaigns can however be much more destructive as they're often used to steal money and data. Our anti-spam solution catches and destroys such mail.

Security incident response service

Our international partner network has incident responders in over 30 countries to help you quickly investigate and remediate cyber incidents. With a depth of understanding on existing and emerging threats, we can provide you with industry-leading cyber security support when you need it most.

Password mangament solutions

Our highly-appraised password management solution is a first line of defence against cyber criminals. It keeps your workforce's passwords safe in a personal vault that encourages your colleagues to set hard-to-guess quality passwords that are unique to every site and service they use.

DDOS protection services

To prevent your services going offline in case of a Distributed Denial of Service, we offer a DDoS protection service that shields your public servers from malicious traffic. Harmful traffic is filtered out by our DDoS protection solution that stops attacks before they become a serious threat.

VPN solutions

Due to COVID-19, more technically-enabled businesses are supporting remote working than ever. To enable secure remote working and ensure sensitive network traffic doesn't fall into the wrong hands, we can set up your workforce with a Virtual Private Network solution that keeps your traffic secure.

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