Software Development

Software Development

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13 April 2021

Now more than ever, software development services are becoming an ordinary part of business, and you don’t want your company to get left behind. COVID-19 has demonstrated our strong reliance on software and equally the importance of utilising the expertise of software developers to scale up business and become more competitive.

Ever experience apps such as Instagram, Spotify and TikTok crashing on launch? This was likely due to the failure of Facebook’s Software Development Kit (SDK).On a number of occasions, improper handling of unexpected invalid data on Facebook part has resulted in crashes on these third-party apps.

Did you hear about the disruption of more than 100 flights to and from London Heathrow airport in February 2020? Due to a software failure affecting departure boards and check-in systems, passengers were left with little information about their flights and limited use of their electronic tickets.

Both disruptions mentioned are a result of software failures. At any point, software can age whereby existing code must be refactored or rewritten to correct errors. Here, it becomes clear that every business, no matter the scale, needs some form of software to fulfil their specific business requirements. Our reliance on software will only continue to grow therefore to thrive in our tech-savvy world, businesses must invest in the development of their software. Continue reading to learn what software development is, the common challenges in business and the benefits of software development.

But first, what is Software Development?

Software Development, which is performed by a Software Developer or Engineer, includes the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Software solutions are used to help businesses to achieve specific objectives or processes that are time-consuming when performed manually. These solutions help to improve productivity by automating processes, reallocating time to other tasks.

What common Software Development challenges do businesses see?

Software Developers typically see the following challenges when engineering software for businesses. Failure to recognise and resolve such challenges can have a detrimental effect on your business.

1. Slipping deadlines

Software developers understand the significant impact missed deadlines can have on your business. Beyond the cost of missed opportunity and uncomfortable investor conversations it can lead to, slipping deadlines can have a compounding effect on your development team, undermining productivity and impacting your company value.

2. Insufficient delivery capacity

As your business grows, do does its requirements. Capacity is one of the most common concerns among managers, with 22.46% ranking it as the biggest challenge their companies face. Whilst a fully-saturated quarterly roadmap could be indicative of good strategic product development, lacking overflow capacity can quickly become a problem if roadmap projects uncover unexpected volume.

3. Defects and errors

Amongst manually operated businesses, the chances of human error are much greater. When digital products and services go wrong or don't perform as expected, the modern way for users to hold businesses accountable is through media and app marketplaces. Public complaints can impact the reputation of your business however, it's the defects and errors that do not get reported that can have the greatest level of impact on your users. Errors that are not reported can slip through the cracks and become fatal to your business. Software Developers can uncover such errors and provide a solution.

4. Limited technology expertise

The technology landscape is evolving at a phenomenal rate meaning that new technologies graduate through the hype cycle on a daily basis. Knowing which framework to pick on your next greenfield project or which database technology to pivot to can be a hard question to answer.

5. Evolving competitors

A key objective of software solutions is to optimise business processes, hence developing an advantage over competitors. However, knowing which problems are worth solving with software is only half the battle. Being able to rapidly execute and evolve solutions to gain market adoption is the other. Successful businesses rinse and repeat this process to learn and evolve as quickly as possible.

6. Insecure software

Our businesses depend on software for a number of things. Insecure software means that your business is at risk of cyber crimes. Secure software ensures that your hardware, software and electronic data is protected against common hacking attacks. This is the result of security aware software developers who build cyber security into your software’s programming. Want to know more about why businesses must have dependable cyber security? Check out our Cyber Security blog.

Who can benefit from Software Development?

Essentially, all businesses can benefit from software development. Regardless of size, sector or industry, software development is crucial for success. It brings about a number of benefits including:

  • Improvement of customer experiences.

  • Generation of feature rich and innovated products and services.

  • Increased safety and efficiency of processes.

  • Increased company value.

What Next?

Are you ready to invest in the development of your business? At Navos, our Software Engineering Consultancy service grants your business direct access to expert knowledge to make your software development capability superior to your competition. In addition to developing a tailored plan for achieving digital excellence, our team can deliver Web, Mobile and Back-end development projects. Let us reduce strategic uncertainty and better inform your decision-making.

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